CARE Group (sign up procedures)

“Leave a Reply” below with the following information –

  • If you want to join a CARE group:  Names, address, evenings available, Your child care plans/needs
  • If you want to lead/host a CARE group: Names, address, evening available, Your child care plans/needs.

2013-14 CARE Groups – CARE group Fair Brochure 2013-14 (2)

Other Adult Studies at T.L.C.C. on Wednesday Nights 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. (starting 9/4/12)

As always, keep passing on to me (  any ideas you have on making the Sermon Based CARE Group more efficient for you and effective for everyone.

Support for the Sermon Based lessons will be provided via this web page Blog. Each Sunday in the bulletin is a QR code which when “scanned” by a smart phone will open to that Sunday’s lesson.

There will be no CARE group fair this year.  As CARE group leaders express interest in leading they invite CARE group members based  upon geographic proximity, day/time availability and common interests. Joining a CARE group is based upon your expressed interest and then availability of space in CARE groups.

CARE Group Calendar: (Individual CARE group calendars may fluxuate, be sure to contact your CARE Group leader with questions about potential changes in times and place of meeting)

  • CARE Groups Begin:  Sept 4th Wed,  9th Sun.
  • Thanksgiving Break:  11/27 & 12/1
  • Winter Break: from 12/18&22 – 1/12&15
  • Family Game Night 1/12/14

Timber Lake Christian Church Website/Calendar

Timber Lake Christian Church Facebook Page

Timber Lake Christian Church Synergy Pinterest Page

“Leave a Reply” with contact information below.


8 Responses to CARE Group (sign up procedures)

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  3. Randal Weidenaar says:

    My wife and I would like to be involved in a Care Group. We have a 15 year old daughter as well, are they involved in some way? Or perhaps there are other families have children of the same age we might be in the same group with? Also what days/times do they meet? Just wondering we are relatively new to the church.

  4. Glenda Perry says:

    Glenda Perry, 906 Hance St. Huntsville, MO 65259-1247, available most weeknights except Friday.
    I’m interested in a care group but would do the Ladies Bible Study on Wed. night if that is a better fit. I need a small group sitiuation. Sometimes the Ladies study has too many people in it to feel intimate.
    Thank you!

  5. Jan & Rick Petersen says:

    Please sign us up for a sermon based care group. Wed. or Sun. evening will be OK. We will participate as much as possible until we move (not sure when that is going to be, hopefully by Nov.)

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