7/8 “Ephesians: Husbands and Wives – the NT Pattern” Eph. 5:21-33

In a Nutshell: God knows there are some common mistakes made by husbands and wives. In contrast He gives us some certain attitudes and actions that will help us relate and grow together spiritually.  Here they are!

 Ice Breaker:  Did your father feel respected by your mother?  How could you tell?  Did your mother feel loved by your father?  How could you tell?


A couple of good resources on Youtube that you might consider listening to include Mark Driscoll’s sermons: (please overlook/fastforward past the advertisements)

Marriage and Women

Marriage and Men


Please consider thinking through Allen’s sermon while perusing the website resources found here: TLCC Synergy Board 


Get specific. What will you do to renew your marriage vows?

weekly Synergy JULY WEEK 2

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