The Bible (the movie)

This page will be used in the future to collect resources to support small group study and personal reflection while watching the History Channel’s movie “The Bible.”

I remember watching the Ten Commandments when I was in Bible Bowl.  I had the Bible open on the couch and watching with half fascination and half frustration with the “poetic license assumed by the producers.  It’s easy to focus on small but significant details and lose sight of the potential BIG PICTURE.  No doubt there will be similar experiences with the History Channel’s The Bible.

But what timing!  A movie that weaves religious disappointment political frustration and spiritual hunger to show what it might have looked like when God the Creator became visible to us as Jesus the Messiah.

Religious officials overwhelmed with protecting God’s people, temple, and faith can not see through their fear and legalism to see Jesus the one anointed to force us to deal with sin.  Everyone wanted to deal with Rome – Jesus wanted us to deal with our faithlessness, our earthly addictions, our small minded spirituality.  This all sounds vaguely familiar doesn’t it?

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