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175 Killed! so far…; God’s Judgment Unleashed! or Mother Nature Unleashed! or Maybe Something Else…?

What would be the best Headline?  Maybe – “God & Satan at War and We are the Battlefield” But wait a minute.  Please think about “Mother Nature.”  Really?  Mother Nature?  Who – What is Mother Nature? Here’s the history of … Continue reading

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Easter Sunrise – A Great Way to Feel Loved!

Have you ever heard of counterfactual reasoning?  For us less complex thinkers it’s simply asking the question  – “What if?”   What if one element of an historical event had gone just a little bit differently – how would history have … Continue reading

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TLCC CARE Sheet 4/17/11 “Empty Traditions, Deceptive Philosophies and Human Commands” Colossians 2:8-23 Sermon 3 of 4

ICE BREAKER Describe a youthful ritual  or tradition you thought was fantastic as a kid, but now… seems rather ridiculous practically speaking. Are you still drawn to want to enjoy that tradition or ritual once in a while?  Why?” Title: … Continue reading

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TLCC CARE Sheet 4/10/11″Colossians – Love, Learn, Light” Sermon 2 of 4

ICE BREAKER Last week as an ice breaker you were challenged to describe why you started coming to TLCC.  Today you should ponder and describe why you continue to worship at TLCC?  Can the reason be categorized under one of … Continue reading

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TLCC CARE Sheet 4/3/11″TLCC Love, Learn, Light” Colossians 1:1-14 Sermon 1 of 4

ICE BREAKER Why did you start going to Timber Lake Christian Church.  Usually there is something pulling a person to that particular church AND there is often times something pushing them to go.  That which “pulls” is usually something good … Continue reading

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