2/7 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

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Sunday’s play list via YouTube

This Week’s Bible Readings Feb. 1 – 7,  Matt. 15-18

  • Where’s your space to read?
  • What’s your time to study?
  • What are the key words?
  • What was God saying to them?  What’s God saying to you?
  • What’s the Holy Spirit going to show throughout the day?
  • For what are you grateful?
  • For what are you concerned?
  • Who needs you today?

Next Week’s Bible Readings Feb. 8-14,  Matt. 19-21

February  7, 2016  |  Those Whose Faith is Great

Texts:   Matthew 15:1-28

IN A NUTSHELL  ” Jesus met a gentile woman whose “faith was great.”  Those who are willing to change worldviews look for truth without a desire to be affirmed for anything other than the truth.  Fragile egos like those of the Pharisees aren’t able to see the world through another view. This will be a review of some people who have left their old worldview to look to God.”

ICE BREAKER   Have you ever met a person that came to faith late in life? What caught their attention and drew them to their new faith?


  1. What are the key differences between the Pharisees (vss. 1-14) and the “Canaanite” woman (vss. 21-28)?
  2. Boil it down. What “defiles a person” according to Jesus? Mt. 15:18-20
  3. What did Jesus say was the problem with the Pharisees? Mt. 15:6-9
  4. What did Jesus say was to the Canaanite woman’s credit? Mt. 15:28
  5. How might knowing that Jews hated dogs and Greeks enjoyed them influence this story? Mt. 15:26,27 [Worldview!!!]



  1. How has personal tragedy affected faith in your family?
  2. What is the difference between a faith that is desperate and a faith that is enjoyable? Which type of faith do you seek?
  3. How does “ego” seem to play into the difference of these faiths?



  1. How many times have tragedies brought you closer to Jesus?



  1. How many of those hard times have made God’s wisdom and grace more visible?


Online Resources:

  1. CARE Sheet –2116MosaicCAREsheet
  2. Former “Skeptics” that have embraced God. awakeandamazed.com
  3. Why are so many Christians turning into Atheists?  Charisma
  4.  Those who have come to believe in God, sometimes later in life…
  5. Worldview comparison chart
  6. 2016 MOSAIC series and Bible Readings
  7. http://davemiers.com/whats-your-worldview/
  8. 12 Francis Schaeffer Quotes That Will Challenge the Way You Engage Culture (Relevant Magazine)
  9. Inspired Evidence – a good devotion book for 2016
  10. Timber Lake Christian Church Website
  11. Timber Lake Live! (simulcast)
  12. Timber Lake’s past videos (Vimeo)
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