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TLCC CARE Sheet 3/27/11 “When a King Forgets God” Sermon 8 of 8

ICE BREAKER   Describe a notable story of “high school jealousy” that you can recall.  Who was jealous of whom?  Here is a true tragic story that took place in my Cousin’s children’s school this past Friday. Title: “The Lord’s … Continue reading

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Technology’s Skeptics

Lightning speed communication! The reality is that us westerners are behind the times in cell phone and internet technology.  In contrast the developing nations are exploding with internet and cell phone technology.   I have just learned about “QR codes”… … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Japan’s Crisis Make You Wonder?

NY Times Photos Headlines about the recent Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant crisis have inspired a lot of different emotions in people. I have been asked:  Don’t these events make you wonder about the future?  My question is if … Continue reading

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TLCC CARE Sheet “When the King Forgets God” 7 of 8

ICE BREAKER Can you recall something you did as a child that you knew was wrong but for which you thought no one would call you to account?   What ended up happening? Title: “The Lord Sees and Calls to Account”   … Continue reading

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TLCC CARE Sheet 3/13 “When the King Forgets God” 6 of 8

ICE BREAKER Have you ever had a basket in your kitchen that had some buried rotting fruit in it?  What all did you notice in your kitchen that was obvious to the eyes? Title: “Woe to Israel” Text: Amos 2:4-8; … Continue reading

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TLCC CARE Sheet 3/6 When the King Forgets God 5 of 8

ICE BREAKER What is the best “mother-in-law” joke you have ever heard! Sample: Q:  Why do they bury mothers-in-law 18 feet down, when everyone else is buried 6 feet down?  A:  Because, deep down, they really are very nice people. … Continue reading

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