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Pre-marriage Counseling

You talk about “looking through a glass darkly” – that is a great description of pre-marriage counseling a.k.a  “window shopping at the marriage store.” After 30 years of helping people “say I do” at “the altar” I still use 25% of the … Continue reading

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What do you see?

When you look at the stain glass above what do you see?  Some see natural colors  of glass intentionally placed by an artist with a message in mind.  Other’s might see the brace as a cross laying on it’s side … Continue reading

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Thank you Grandma!

Grandma Shireman “sees through a glass darkly.”   She told me last week, “I can’t see to read much of anything anymore.” Grandma is 94 years old.  She has lived in Big Spring Care Center for nearly 10 years. All the … Continue reading

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We see through a glass darkly…

Looking through a “glass darkly” is not about stained glass windows. It’s about noble efforts to see things that may not be readily perceived without some imagination.  In some ways stain glass windows remind me of  an intense desire to … Continue reading

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