The preachers I grew to love and respect. 

In short we spent 27 hours together asking 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus what we should teach, do, and expect in our ministry.  The result was a team of 20 preachers committed to being relevant and biblical in their preaching ministry.  They intend to spend three hours together every month working on their future sermon plans.  The synergy and resolve was very exciting!    I intend to make this page a summary of our trip and a resource for these amazing preachers.

Roy worked at leveling the area where the transitional church building will be built. It became obvious to Roy and I that machinery sent to Haiti needs extra maintenance items such as tires, tubes, and filters.  Roy spent at least one day working on and repairing the Bobcat.  Once it was fixed a lot work got done. This property is less than a 1/4 mile from the School property and Salonique’s home.  Very close to the transitional church building position is the medical clinic’s foundation.

With the church averaging over 600 in attendance in two services, and nearly 100 sitting outside the long room being used for worship at the school the transitional building is high on the priority list for beginning construction.

About 1 mile from the school and church property is the property designated for the Bible College for preachers.  Living Water’s commitment to advanced education for ministers, future government leaders and technical professionals is aggressive and a God inspired vision.  One fascinating and profound vision Salonique shared was the story of the Carbass tree.  It produces a round gourd-like pod.  It is used for Voodoo rituals all over the country. Here’s the “prophetic” part of the story.  This species of tree is dying in Haiti.  The pod historically used to be used to keep water and grain fresh.  While it used to be commonly associated with preservation, it is currently seen by Haitian Christians as Voodoo paraphernalia.   Salonique is hoping to keep the Carbass tree alive to prove that Voodoo does not control Haiti any more.


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