6/9 “A Faith That Works”

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The Old and New Testament is linked by this thought: “The just shall live by faith.” (Hab. 2:4; Rom. 1:17; Heb. 10:38)  Leviticus describes a lot of rules, but rules do not inspire obedience as does love for God and faith in Jesus Christ.  Many problems in a community which calls itself “Christian” can be found when we tout the name but fail to “practice what we preach.”  From rules for hygiene and quarantine for disease (Lev. 12-15)  to regulations that help us define respect for human life (Lev. 7) there is value in following the rules.  The rules were given by the one that created us. Spiritual celebrations suggest the value of rest and help us realign our spiritual worship (Lev. 23-25).  Understanding the need for personal sacrifice with purpose, fellowship and accountability challenges us to spiritual priorities. (Lev. 1-5).  All of this helps set us up for “the just to live by faith!”

I AM HEARING…  (Try to boil what you are hearing from the texts, from the preacher in a couple of sentences.)

I AM THINKING…  (Now allow the Holy Spirit to cross what you are hearing with where you are in life. How does “The Word” address any life issues with which you are dealing?

I WILL DO… (The Just shall LIVE by faith – DO SOMETHING about what God has taught you today!)



Title: “Guidance for Sacrificing Christians”

Text: Leviticus 5-7, Romans 11-15

Question:  Read the above texts and discuss the types of Sacrifices.  Are they all negative? How might some be positive? How might they relate to things we sacrifice in order to be a faithful Christian?

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