6/2 Good News That Works – Leviticus Pt. 1

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Text us your question or input  (478.227.TLCC [8522])   What things are commonly viewed as legal in our country, but should not be regarded as acceptable for a Christian?

In a Nutshell  Leviticus is God’s worship/life manual written for the Levitical Priests.  It contains God’s guidelines of how to live and what to do if someone refuses to live that way.  Since Israel had been immersed in Egypt’s pagan culture for 400 years they had lost touch with what God was like and had no idea what was right and what was wrong.  Strong consequences for refusing to embrace this lifestyle was God’s way of “rebooting” the spiritual, physical, and emotional computer for Israel.

Ice Breaker  Have you noticed how lenient our society has gotten on things that were done unintentionally?  Describe a time you thought some one got off without enough consequences.

 Connecting to the Text

1. How serious did God consider sins that were not intentional? Lev. 4:14,23,28;  5:1-6; Lk. 12:47-48

2. What do these Scriptures suggest to you about God’s patience toward the wicked? Gen. 15:16; Dan. 8:23; 1 Thess. 2:16

Reflecting on Our Lives

3. Is it possible that God takes some of your sins more seriously than you do?

The Choice is Yours…

Just because you CAN doesn’t make it RIGHT.  Just because it’s POSSIBLE doesn’t mean you SHOULD!


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