3/3 “In the Desert, but NOT Deserted” Deut. 1:1-18; 6:1-15

desert not deserted

Title: “In the Desert, but NOT Deserted!”

Text: Deut. 1:1-18; 6:1-15

Ice Breaker: Have you ever gone on a journey by yourself , the first of any kind; like signing up for the service and going to boot camp, or leaving home for college miles away?  Were you scared?  Excited?  Disappointed? Overwhelmed?  Was it an opportunity or a nightmare?


  1. How long would it take to make the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land  if they had gone by the way of Mount Seir?  How long did it actually take (Deu. 1:3) and why? (Nu. 14:26-35)
  2. Look up the boundaries God mentions in this text? (De. 1:7)  Did the Israelites ever conquer that much territory? (Jud. 2:1-5; why? Or why not?)
  3. What good might have come from Israel’s battles with Og & Sihon?  Num. 21:21-25
  4. What was something Moses saw as important for the families spiritual survival in the Promised Land? Deut. 6:1-9
  5. What would the prosperity of the land tend to cause them to forget? Deut. 6:10-15


  1. Judging by the things your parents spent most of their time doing with you, what was the most important thing in life for them?  Judging by the things you have/are doing with your children what is the most important thing in life?
  2. What is the most effective method of passing on a value from one generation to the next?
  3. Can you recall a vacation, journey, life stage that didn’t end up the way you expected; but actually ended up better?  What made it better?  How did your reaction to circumstances affect the outcome?


  1. When is the last time you helped in the Children’s/ or Youth ministry at Church?  Imagine how you would pass on your Christian worldview in a classroom, or while helping at Church camp?
  2. Where else in your life can you influence the next generation with eternal results for the cause of Christ?

CARE Sheet Resources:

Through Painted Deserts” by Donald Miller

Uncharted Territory” by Don Moen

The Illustrated Exodus” a website of contemporary research regarding the Exodus

 NEXT WEEK:                                                                                                              

Title:  “There Will be Leaders – Good & Bad”

Text:  Deuteronomy1:9-46

Parents with your children: Read Deut. 1:9-46.  Discuss with your children about how to recognize leaders in their classes at school or in the youth group.  What is the difference between good leaders and bad?

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