7/15 Ephesians: “Parents & Children – the NT Pattern”

Sunday’s Sermon – Audio

Sunday’s Text Messages – text responses 7-15-12

In a Nutshell: “God knows there are some common mistakes made by parents and children. In contrast He gives us some certain attitudes and actions that will help parents and children relate and grow together spiritually.  Here they are!

 Ice Breaker:  Can you recall anything that was especially good or especially bad about the way your parents tried to teach you right from wrong?

Texts: Ephesians 6:1-4


1. God tells children to…

2. God describes some potential benefits…

3. God warns fathers to avoid something…


4. What is the difference between obedience rooted in “honor” verses obedience rooted in manipulation?

5. How does “bringing them up” giving “instruction” and “discipline” look different than the average parent’s tactics for raising their children?


6. How can a CARE group help parents avoid “provoking” and our youth ministry help the youth to learn honor?

Synergy Sheet: weekly Synergy JULY WEEK THREE

The Resolution Statements – 

Have you ever wondered how “provoking” someone in order to try get them to do the right thing plays out.  Look at it this way. Provoking is to discipline, as snake venom is to blood.  WARNING – This is a video that is not for the faint of heart, or weak stomach.  It shows the “milking” of a venomous snake, and the effects that venom has on human blood. I post it here because I am convinced that the things we do to provoke obedience actually stifles the Holy Spirit’s work that will help us to want to change.

Be sure to check out our Synergy Pinterest Board for parenting through these four “Milestones:”  #1 Birth,  #2 Baptism, #3 Adolescence, #4 Adulthood

Today’s video: Casting Crowns “Courageous

What does the Bible say about Parenting? “Parenting” by James A Fowler

Books Recommended:

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