1/1 “Count on Me” series 1 of 5 Mark, “The Beginning…”

Mark is thought to have been the first Gospel written.  Jesus took God to nations other than the Jews.  That was a major deal!  Mark’s job was to convince Jews and Gentiles alike that Jesus was the planned “Messiah,” “Savior of the World” and that he did all that he was supposed to do.  He was the “Son of Man” (all mankind, not just the Jews). What resulted was a message that “You can Count on God and Jesus”, and that he chose people that he could count on to do what they needed to do. They would pass on the Gospel to other people that could also be counted on!  Can God count on you?

An Introduction to Mark.

Messianic Prophecies

Count on Me by Bruno Mars

The odds of the prophecies being fulfilled in one man

Thompson Chain Reference has a list of 39 prophecies unquestionably fulfilled.

Hope of Israel has a list of 324 prophecies

What are the odds surrounding Jesus Christ?

Science Speaks”  by Peter Stoner

Mark’s record of fulfilled prophecies:

“The Son of Man” – Mark 2:10,28; 8:31,38; 9:9,12,31; 10:33,45; 13:26; 14:21,41,62

Why don’t the Jews believe in Jesus? Hanefesh offers this perspective.

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One Response to 1/1 “Count on Me” series 1 of 5 Mark, “The Beginning…”

  1. el says:

    Stoner is a progressive creationist and doesnt believe in a literal 24 hour day of days 1-6. Much of his other info is good but I would find it difficult to get past his acceptance of long age creation or theistic evolution.

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