Bible Fellowship Study Guide (BFSG) “Building for Good – as in Virtue” Luke 6 (Mt. 5-7)

The Sermon on the Plain (Mount)  Luke  6:12-49 (Mt. 5-7)

IN A NUTSHELL – Everyone spends their entire life building something(s).  Some people build things that last,  some, things that don’t last.  Some people build for good, some build things that are good for nothing.  This message is the tension between the way life is and the way we should choose to live it.  The rhythm of the world is to sin, selfishness, arrogance and destruction.  The melody of Jesus is purity, sacrifice, humility and building for good!  The Sermon on the Plain (Mount) says, “You have heard it said, but I say unto you…”


Describe an “orientation class” you have attended.  What did you learn? How might the “Sermon on the Plain (Mount)” be like an orientation class?


1. List the different groups that are listening to Jesus’ teaching. vss. 12 – 19

2. What did Jesus do just previous to preaching this sermon?  Vss. 12-16

3.  What is a key principle you get from these sections of Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain?

  • Heavenly Blessings – vss. 20-23
  • Earthly Woes – vss. 24-26
  • Enemies – vss. 27 -36
  • Judging vs. Discerning – vss. 37-45

3.  What are the core topics of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount?


4. Of Jesus’ teachings in his Sermon on the Plain which of them impress you in the following ways:

  • I like this one…
  • I struggle with this one…
  • I look forward to the fulfillment of this one…
  • Please pray for me about this one…

4. Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life transformation came from studying the Sermon on the Mount.  The book he wrote from that study was “The Cost of Discipleship.”  A daily devotional based on that book is “I Want to Live These Days With You


4. Can you recite T.L.C.C.’s three key purpose statements?

5. Speaking of orientations, have you attended TLCC’s  Introduction Classes (Core Values, Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual Gifts)?

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