A Daughter’s Oops + A Parent’s Heart = God’s Peace

History has been made in our family.  One of our girls has fractured her arm.  That’s Lydia, the one that has her head cocked and thinking – “Here Dad, let me show you how to take this picture.”  She fell on the ice yesterday. A casualty of the Missouri blizzard of 2011!   I hate not being there to take control of things, but I love not needing to be there.  She, God and Cox medical Center kept things well under control.

I will never forget the first time my oldest girl was “crushed”…literally.   She had her finger in the crack of our kitchen table, between the table and the leaf.  When I lifted the leaf to prepare for supper it would not come up all the way.  “That’s strange…” I thought and lifted harder.  Still didn’t work. Then I saw her eyes like silver dollars and her mouth gearing up for one of those unbelievable screams.  Definitely one of Dad’s and Daughter’s harder days.   I made a cast out of gause and aluminum foil.  But nothing was as effective as Bethany’s  forgiving heart.

It’s not easy keeping in mind that a parent’s role in life is to work every day trying to replace themselves in the mind of their children with a trust in and love for God.  But it sure pays off!   I’m proud of my girls and so thankful that God’s in charge, but I’m not really sure which pain is deeper the finger, the arm, or the heart.   I do know that God’s peace makes everything OK.  Prayin’ for you Kid – call if you figure out some way I can help!

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